The power of your network

Private-access customer portal

builds community and referrals amongst customers

We all know the power and influence our network has for creating personal and business opportunities. Through Second Story Advisors, you can leverage the power of your customers and help them grow their local business connections. By creating a private network for your clients, you’re ensuring your brand is at the center of all that activity – a real place of honor amongst your customers the envy of your competitors.
Plus, it’s a great way for you to keep your clients informed about everything that’s happening within your institution.

Reach your customers in a manner that’s consistent with their behaviors.

Did you know that SMS text messaging has a +90% open rate and click rate of 35% while email marketing has a open rate of 20% and click rate of 4%. Imagine the impact of sending out text messages, alerting your clients of news on the portal, such as:
  • C & I lending capacity
  • CRE specialization
  • Special deposit rates and promotions
  • Client events and community sponsorship
  • Market trends
  • Emergency closures
  • Group travel to connect based on shared interest
You’ll get all the bells and whistles of the well-established networking sites with additional plug-in features and capabilities tailored to your needs.

Privacy and Security

Your customer portal is built using a robust technology deck that is supported with the highest privacy and security features regulatory agencies expect of their members when it comes to protecting customer data.
Our expertise in marketing technology solutions makes implementation smoother, more reliable and more affordable than trying to establish something on your own. Your private access customer portal can be an invaluable addition to your marketing mix.
It’s everything you love about a community bank and more than what you get at a big one.

Subscription Options

Monthly Plan



  • Convenient, pay as you go plan without a long commitment.
  • Collect valuable data on customers and prospects who take advantage of marketing guidance and services.
  • One advisor
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Annual Plan



  • Save $3,000 a year with this plan.
  • Collect valuable data on customers and prospects who take advantage of marketing guidance and services while saving $3,000/year over the monthly plan.
  • Up to two advisors
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Premium Service



  • Private-Access Customer Portal.
  • Private access customer portal that builds community and referrals amongst customers built with the strongest technology deck and all the privacy your regulators.
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Platinum Service


  • Branch Transformation.
  • Convert underperforming branches into community workspace to attract vetted entrepreneurs, start-up and non-profits with designs, construction management and TI solutions from award-winning architectural firm with demonstrated banking industry expertise.
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