Growing your

customer portfolio

has never been more rewarding

Undoubtedly, as a professional marketing consultant, you probably find yourself in an endless cycle of balancing your business development efforts with managing client projects. Without the right amount of support to help you manage it all, you recognize your consulting practice may struggle to grow.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of bankers who nurture your portfolio growth and a system in place that helps you complete your projects quicker, so your customers are happier and your practice really grows? Now you can.

Introducing Second Story Advisors

Second Story Advisors transforms community banks into business destinations by expanding the excellent customer service they are known for with added guidance, advice, services, tools and resources businesses need but never find at the big banks.
Want to join us in building communities that help inspire local business success?

Make This Your Reality

We recruit the absolute best marketing consultants who know the bank’s local market and provide cutting-edge technology that has only been available to big banks — until now!
Business Strategist
Branding & Positioning
Digital marketing
social media
event designer
public relations

Become your community bank’s new ally

With all of your expertise as a marketing consultant, you’ll become the go-to expert for local businesses seeking solutions that improve their business. Naturally, you’ll convert these marketing consulting meetings into new opportunities for your bank through increased foot traffic and meticulously orchestrated ‘collisions’ between the bank’s prospects and the bank’s people.
With back-office support to help you deliver great advice and even better customer service, it’s a real game changer for your practice. And your sphere of influence becomes the bank’s sphere too, only furthering the two-way partnership.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our customized CRM technology platform allows our marketing advisors to:
  • Collect customer data through consultation and online customer portal
  • Build customer profiles
  • Support your workflow and streamline delivery of services
  • Provide dashboard reports on customer activities and expenditures

The Process


1The Financial Institution

  • Signs-up for your preferred subscription service
  • Chooses between advisor-based or online-only option
  • Identifies and allocates office space for you
  • Welcome you onto your team and develops a plan to leverage your expertise

2Invested Advisors

  • Develop the bank’s Second Story Advisors website
  • Design the introductory collateral materials, craft and distribute local press release
  • Provide you with on-going training about all of the services
  • Relationship management with financial institution

3Second Story Advisors

  • Collaborate with your team on activities to increase branch foot traffic
  • Available for scheduled meetings with your clients and team members
  • Attend sales and operations meetings upon request
  • Build customer profiles into the CRM and provide dashboard reports on free and purchased services
  • Make sales from marketing services using your customary processes, platforms and resources

Schedule Appointment

If you’re ready to grow your marketing practice, become a Second Story Advisor.

Through Second Story Advisors, your existing clients can access the robust financial products and services offered through the bank, which may help them improve their cash flow and position.

That’s a value-added benefit you can harness to reward your best clients and attract quality prospects currently being ignored by their existing bank.