Small Businesses Need Banks Right Now


Businesses require more than financial products to succeed. They also require guidance, tools, systems and support to realize their vision. Our venture aims to bring all of those resources together, under one roof – yours.
Second Story Advisors provides value added-services to your client relationships and a real game changer for your brand. It’s the sling shot you need to take on the industry Goliaths and allows you to expand the excellent customer service you’re known for with the cutting-edge technology that has only been available to big banks — until now!
It’s everything you love about a community bank and more than what you get from a big one.

The Problem

Business owners are constantly striving to improve their operation. When they think about organizations that can provide valuable resources, they most likely think about your bank when it comes to cash flow. The solution is typically a loan or treasury management services. Because most banks offer the same products, it’s no longer about customized solutions but a race to the bottom with a pricing strategy that drains profits.
While modernity undoubtedly focuses on digital developments as the way forward, financial institutions still find themselves trapped in a competitive environment without bold actions or ambitious plans. This lack of true differentiation makes it more difficult to stand out and fuel the balance sheet growth needed to grow market share and create shareholder value.

The Solution

Through Second Story Advisors, your bank can offer free, valuable business services, making your institution the destination and the go-to resource for all things business.
Our technology is a customized CRM that quantifies the acquisition of new customers and extends the sales cycle to migrate CRE and C & I borrowers into banking relationships. The affordable technology captures business data that can be used to segment your audience and offer customized solutions based on their unique circumstance. It’s value to your client relationships delivered by an executive marketing consultant who knows your market and is an ally to your team. It’s true relationship banking.
We’re on a mission to help you grow your enterprise, which makes your bank more attractive to employees and customers. In today’s increasing M & A environment, true differentiation also makes your bank more attractive, whether you are the buyer or seller. Plus, you may even win some favor with your regulators, for increasing services to small businesses, which is critical to continuing your momentum.

Businesses need marketing to help them succeed.

We help you give it to them by introducing expanded services.

Marketing Executive

We place a local Marketing Executive, who brings their consulting practice and expertise, in your bank

Technology Solution

We help you launch digital marketing campaigns to spread the word about your free marketing services.Our Marketing exec utilizes our custom CRM to collect and analyze business’ data, with reports to the bank.

Increased Customer Acquisition

Using the CRM data, you can segment and customize your product offers based on each businesses unique circumstance. The segmentation and customization will improve your results as the business owner will feel the offer was designed just for them!

Talent Network

We recruit the absolute best local marketing executives who know your market and arm them with an end-to-end solution to support their workflow and streamline delivery of services with enhanced project management and reporting capabilities. Since advisors are independent, there’s no added personnel expense and the entire solution is available on an affordable, cancel anytime subscription basis.How Marketing Advisors benefit?

Technology Solution

Our proprietary CRM is supported by a powerful technology deck that enables deeper customer data collection. It’s a lot of the information you’d love to know before there’s a loan request – and helps you personalize your marketing offers based on their specific profile. The platform is customized for the financial services sector and because it’s subscriber-based, it’s more affordable than an off the shelf, cookie-cutter platform.

Customers Gain Access To

information, strategy, negotiated fixed pricing and creative excellence based on their unique needs and circumstances.

  • Strategic alignment
  • Public sector strategies
  • Branding
  • Website design and development
  • Digital and SEO/SEM
  • Social media strategies
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Public relations and outreach
  • Media planning and buying
  • Crisis communications
  • Event design and production
  • 3rd party meeting placement
  • On-site childcare event services
  • Sponsorship and corporate philanthropy strategies
  • Incentive and affinity travel
  • Advisory services
  • Customer dashboard reports
  • Advisor’s sphere of influence
  • Market and industry data
  • Customer network portal
  • Business summits
  • Marketing support
  • CRA Advisory services
  • CRE transaction training
  • Consultative selling training

The Process


1The Financial Institution

  • Sign-up for your preferred subscription service
  • Choose between advisor-based or online-only option
  • Identify and allocate office space for your preferred number of advisors
  • Vet the Advisor(s)
  • Welcome your advisors onto your team and develop plan to leverage their expertise

2Invested Advisors

  • Develop your custom website portal with paid subscription service
  • Design your introductory collateral materials, craft and distribute local press release
  • On-going Advisor training
  • Relationship management with financial institution

3Second Story Advisors

  • Collaborate with your team on activities to increase branch foot traffic
  • Available for scheduled meetings with your clients and team members
  • Attend sales and operations meetings upon request
  • Build customer profiles into the CRM and provide dashboard reports on free and purchased services
  • Implement paid marketing services using customary processes, platforms and resources

Why businesses will choose these services

Free Guidance
and Advice

Strength of
the Advisor

Results and

Trust of
Local Banks

Jeff Kaye


School Safety Operations & International School Safety Institute, California

I needed bigger ideas and better solutions for marketing my business. Now I have the right person. She’s great and I can get everything I need from her. She coordinates behind the scenes to get things done and that’s all I need to know.

Nicola Howard

Social media expert

This would be everything to my business! What an opportunity to really be hyper-focused with my customer service and lead gen!

Kathy Koenig


Culinary Concepts Catering, San Diego, CA

I’ve been in business for over 30 years and I prefer working with a local bank. I would use these services if they were offered to my marketing director and me and the person could quickly understand my business.

Melissa MacLeod

Attorney at Law

Chicago, IL

As an established practicing attorney, I would love to promote our firm’s capabilities to customers of my bank. I entrust them with my money and would value the reciprocity by helping me increase our firm’s visibility.

Ruza Radlovich


Pro One Media, Phoenix, AZ

Our team spends so much time on customer service that it would be nice to hone in our business development activities in a very focused manner amongst a group who share something in common - and that’s where we bank.

Subscription Options

Monthly Plan



per month
  • Convenient, pay as you go plan without a long commitment.
  • Collect valuable data on customers and prospects who take advantage of marketing guidance and services.
  • One advisor
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Annual Plan



per month
  • Save $3,000 a year with this plan.
  • Collect valuable data on customers and prospects who take advantage of marketing guidance and services while saving $3,000/year over the monthly plan.
  • Up to two advisors
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Premium Service



flat fee
  • Private-Access Customer Portal.
  • Build community and referrals amongst customers, built with the strongest technology deck and all the privacy your regulators and client expect.
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Platinum Service


  • Branch Transformation.
  • Convert underperforming branches into community workspace to attract vetted entrepreneurs, start-up and non-profits with designs, construction management and TI solutions from award-winning architectural firm with demonstrated banking industry expertise.
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